contains something from and a small portion of the splix. It sounds like the perfect mix. Here you are a helicopter! Cool, right? Your task is to shoot at enemies during unforgettable fights. You can build a wall to protect your helicopter from fire and get some territorial. To reach the next level, you must complete the area around you and upgrade your car and buildings. You can also use some epic super powers! Protect your towers with a shield.

How to play
You can build towers and connect them by passing through them. To build some towers, use the right mouse button or the spacebar. After closing the area you will receive points and XP. The walls are useful for self-defense. Keep hiding and wait for your enemies to attack you. Get some land trying to get the whole card on the property. Remember that double escape is the best shooting. Move fast to get away from your opponent. Teleport and build some distance. When you reach level 20, you will receive an offer of 1 of 6 superpowers that will return in 30 seconds.

Controls in the game
Use WASD or arrows to move.
Right click or space to create something.
Use the mouse to aim.
Click the left mouse button to shoot.
Press the skill button or 1-7 on the keyboard to upgrade.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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