dynast.io is a new blockbuster in the gaming industry. Multiplayer game in the spirit of blockbusters such as Glorio or moomoo.io. Large territory, hostile monsters, crafting numerous items and many different adventures, live communication is all in the game Dynast io!

How to play the game?
How to play The first and most important thing is that we should be in the top, and this is possible only when we send out our big dynasty, our empire and we will rule the whole map. You can build the walls of your city, enter into alliances with other players and become invincible together.
As soon as we gain enough resources, the opportunity to craft is immediately opened, then the item for which there are enough resources. I must say that Dynast io is very deep in interaction with the world. For example, an ax that is more difficult to craft than a regular cudgel will extract more resources like wood or stone in one hit, but to beat monsters is better with a cudgel – more damage.
Each weapon and each item has its own properties, the more difficult it is to get it the better. There is an opportunity to create your own clan, it’s simple and free, you can also join a foreign clan, and build your empire together. The main thing is not to be a noob, and play deliberately.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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