Anyone remembers a snake on old phones when she was crawling for hours eating parts. The game Little Big Snake is an updated version, causing pleasant nostalgia for a gamer. The previous fun differed a variety of obstacles on location. Modern will lead you to the real battlefield. In addition to your pet, there are many users in the game. We’ll have to fade out to stay alive.

Little big snake io will invite you to a dangerous world, where you need to grow up to be respected. Crawl through wonderful places and eat useful particles. Do not yawn, the rest also want to profit. Bump into the enemy is not necessary, otherwise you will lose, and the rest will finish the leftovers. If you want to stay longer on the field, avoid huge rivals, they can swallow and not notice. Little Big Snake will test the ability to build effective tactics.

If you are not afraid to be eaten and travel among real enemies, you can play! Decide on a standoff with different players to become the biggest kite compared to others! Survive cunning and persistent, join!

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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