Lords io the opportunity to create a colossal army, ready to destroy the participants. A gamer will play for a character named Lord. At the location scattered many coins that the hero must collect. With this money you have to collect your own army. Gold appears on the map again if it is not noticed. You should not get the cheapest, they are practically useless. They will be killed by the tower with just one hit. Archers are not a great necessity in close battles either, but they can kill the enemy from a distance, avoiding a battle.

Lords Io offers an assortment of skins that can be purchased at the store. There you can buy clothes for heroes for certain actions in social networks or for currency. It is impossible to assemble a multimillion army, every warrior performs his function and takes his place. To increase the number of soldiers need to build houses. In order to protect the construction, towers are erected. To break them, we need tremendous efforts and very active actions. Lords io is very easy to manage. The gameplay is clear and will not cause difficulty even for a novice player.

The game will appeal to fans to think and apply certain tactics. Choosing an aggressive strategy, one should not lose the chance to attack the neighboring lands, if peaceful – to take care of strengthening positions. Lords io flash drive, which will allow you to become the greatest conqueror and bravest warrior. You can play on the network fun company and plenty of war, showing opponents all the power of the brave knights.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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