The game is a virtual testing ground with an aggressive atmosphere where real players collide and naturally fight for life, as fighters in the famous Fortnight toy do. Here, too, there is a royal battle and the card is gradually narrowed, which brings together opponents and only the last one becomes the lucky winner, who received the long-awaited trophy. At the location of a considerable number of all sorts of things, including first-aid kits, bandages and a sea of ​​small arms.

How to play

Each fighter should come up with some kind of login and is not necessarily long, but preferably unique. After that, it is worth choosing a region so that the gameplay goes without lags, and a large selection of interesting emotions is also provided. You can create a team or fight in a duet. Find the guns can only be in buildings and who quickly gets to the construction of the more likely to stay afloat.

Management: take the thing – F, replace the barrel – numbers, recharge – R, the hero walks – WASD.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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