Players fly fighter jets inside confined spaces. The goal is to survive and pump your car. Immediately we warn you: it is not easy to do both in Wings Io.

How to play
To move the plane on the screen, use the mouse, shoot the space bar at enemies. There are a lot of participants in “Wings io”: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night, the sky of the game is teeming with combat vehicles. Each can provoke you into battle. The range of the projectiles most colossal. You may not even see the one who attacks, and your fighter will be curled up under a barrage of shells falling on him. The parachutes will help restore forces and repair damages. Inside them you can find first-aid kits, ammunition and additional guns. With their help, you will improve the combat characteristics of the aircraft and provide experience points. For success at Wings Io, this is mega important. If you pump the car well, you will have access to new missiles with a wide range of damage, rail guns and even snipers as partners.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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