wormax.io 2

Wormix 2 Io continues the story of worms, vigorously competing with each other. The continuation turned out more brutal, designed for hardcore gamers. After defeated reptiles, very picturesque remains remain. Eat food that can be found on the map in the game Wormax 2 io and increase in size. Collected flowers and berries will give you access to your worm’s super-abilities. Of course, these special skills take away the mass of your character, but give serious temporary gains. The innovation in the Wormix 2 game is that your snake does not die when it hits another snake at once. At the top you will see the number of your hero lives. However, the worm loses most of its mass after a collision. However, he is not out of the fight, but a couple of collisions his appearance becomes very deplorable. Dominate on the map, defeat your rivals and enter your nickname in the leaderboard.

Jul 2, 2019 - Posted by hHK0zLShBI

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